Enable URL Rewrite in IIS

How to Enable URL Rewrite in IIS 8.5/8/7?

URL Rewrite option allows the web administrator of

Windows Dedicated Server

in easily building the powerful rules by using the powerful rules using the rewrite providers which is written in the .NET regular expression pattern matching, as well as wildcard mapping for examining the information on both the URLs and other HTTP headers as well as IIS server variables.

Here the rules can be written for generating the URLs which can be easier for the user in remembering. It is also simple for the search engines to Index and then allowing the URLs in following a consistent as well as canonical host name format. The URL rewrite option further simplify the rule creation process as it supports for content rewriting, rule templates, rewrite maps, rule validation and importing of the existing mod_rewrite rules.

Enabling URL rewrite option in IIS

For enabling URL rewrite option in Windows Server you need to use

Microsoft web platform

for installing URL rewrite module.

Once the installation is completed you will be able to find the URL rewrite option which is under the HTTP featuressection in the IIS settings.

Now you will be able to add your own rewrite rules. This will allow the importing rules like from .htaccess.

Enabling the Application Request Routing

You might also require enabling the application request routing with the rewrite module. IIS application request routinggives the accessibility to the administrators of creating a powerful routing rules which are based on the URL, HTTP headers as well as server variables in determining the best web application server for each request. You will be able to

configure the IIS

to work as the load balancer by using this module.