An Irregular Encounter, Part 1

Elementary characters: Gay, Ms. Hudson

Elementary Characters: Gay, Ms Hudson

Edith Hudson let herself into the brownstone, keys clattering against the doorframe, her supplies and such in a brown mop bucket over her other arm. She was never sure what she’d see when she got in...once she had seen Holmes standing on his head in the drawing room, and another memorable morning he’d been naked, three attractive call girls providing him their services at once. Edith had caught herself staring, in fact...at all of them. She’d half been tempted to say something, see if she couldn’t join in with...whatever it was they were attempting. But finally, she’d been too shy, embarrassed really. What would any of them have found attractive about her, after all? She had never really been hounded by throngs of suitors; just chasers who weren’t interested in hooking up, just bent upon harassing her. And she’d been quite interested in that one blonde’s tattoo...couldn’t quite read what it said… Honestly, though, she found Dr. Watson a lot more appealing. Not that the feeling was mutual, though. Edith pretty much had her pegged as much too straight for her own good. Today, though, there was no sign of the doctor or the consulting detective. And nary a police officer in sight…. Instead, she saw nobody at all. A bit of a letdown, all in all, she thought as she put her things down in the foyer. Ah, well. There’s plenty here to tidy up. Never mind the photos all over the wall, including...wait, surely that was Jake Terry, the star of that cooking show…? Well, never mind. None of her business, after all. She was ready to get things straighted up, so to speak, and privacy put her in a singing mood. With a smile and a song, and all that… she started humming to herself, something from Cole Porter, if memory served...and now for the melody… So in love….so in love...so in love with you, my love...am I….. Her emotional strains, inspired today by the memory of her ex, now a two-year-old memory, were here interrupted by a call from upstairs. “Hello?” Now who could that be? “Who’s there, please? Sherlock’s out today…” They met on the stairs. Edith was staring up at … well, honestly, the woman of her dreams. She got a bit flustered, smiling up at the girl as prettily as she could, sizing up her chances and figuring that they were not all that great, though she imagined this lady was most probably gay...which might be to her advantage… “Hi!” Edith called up. “Good to meet you, I’m Edith Hudson, I come in once a week to tidy up for the boys.” “Tidy up. Well, you do a hell of a job, Edith.” “Umm...well, Sherlock doesn’t like me to touch most of his stuff, so there’s only so much I can achieve…” “Shit, I know, just giving you a hard time!” She had a really cute laugh. To Edith’s surprise, she realized that the girl on the stairs was smiling at her, and giving her the once over...and now her grin was getting bigger.” You dating either of them? “Me? Good Lord, no!” Edith realized she had started to blush.” I mean, Sherlock is quite a looker, but he’s really such a..beast, after all. No manners.” She decided to press her luck a bit more. “And honestly...he’s not really my type.” Edith smiled broadly as she stepped upwards a few more steps, watching the girl’s eyes to see how she would respond to a line like that... too obvious, Edith, you always were… The girl was now within arm’s reach, having stepped a bit farther down the stairs. She reached out for Edith’s hand and shook it strongly. “Well, as for me, I’m really...gay!” Edith really wasn’t quite sure what to make of that remark, but the girl retained pressure on her hand, so she decided to wait and see what happened. The woman at the top of the stairs finally released Edith’s hand, still smiling with an ironic look. “And it’s my name, too.” Edith was blushing again, if anything even harder. “Well, that’s pretty handy… and a pretty hand, too, I must say!” OK, this time she must be pressing her luck, but on the other hand, she seemed to be getting some fairly clear signs, in all fairness. Gay seemed a trifle embarrassed, now, too, and pressed on. “I’m a scientist, myself, I study rivers and erosion and fun stuff like that. Sherlock called me up to look into these developers. Come on, take a look...it’s in the bedroom!” The bedroom? Well, well…. it was probably nothing after all, but Edith willingly followed Gay and her cute backside upstairs. Not one of those skinny lesbians, she was thinking. But that’s really all the better, to my taste. Lovely lips… and I’ll bet… Edith’s train of thought was derailed as she saw that Gay had plopped down on the edge of the bed, facing an array of computer monitors showing erosion patterns and other such scientific rigamarole...she was less than interested in that kind of display, but then Gay was patting the space next to her on the bed, and Edith simply could not resist...despite a stifled case of the giggles... for maybe she'd get a different kind of display to admire...the way Gay was looking at her lips...

~more to come~