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The only way to know the quality of the software is by testing.

Ex porn users or people who don't want problems with internet porn, but also can't pay for a porn-blocker software, can use the OpenDNS Family Shield to stay with some health. However, they should not rely on only one software. Also, they should keep in mind that if the user really want to watch porn, he will watch porn. Education is the key of the sucess.


Russian and Korean porn sites opens normally.

When I was testing the Family Shield, I simply wrote секс – sex in Russian – on Google and opened the first 5 links. 3 of them displayed the sites normally. Then I did the same test, but in Korean. The result was a little bit better, 1/5, but opened the first result. Thanks to my ADBlock's filter list I didn't had to saw these things.

Translation services can bypass the DNS filtering.

If I can open a pornsite using a translation service – displaying only the text – it will be a question of time and research to find a service that can reproduce videos without logging only the text-page.

Crawlers, crawlers everywhere.

If I don't use the Safe Search because of the censorship, then I'll be able to load tons of porn images.

What can be?

I know that's a good yet free porn blocker service. But it's not perfect at all. There's no system safe, so, in order to prevent malicious links, it will be good to configure something like the filter list of an ADBlock.

I'm also asking the Open Source Community to developer an A.I. able to recognize porn patterns – by image processing or something like that – that will work as a router. Just cutting off the porn content of webpages. Better than a text processing software, by unloading dangerous media, it also will improve the quality of some mainstream websites.

Also, the pornblocker, for adult users, is not a solution to definitely stay away from this kind of virus. It's just a tool to wake up and say hey, take care! Also, an adult can easily disable his own porn block software to do some kind of self-destructive behavior. For kids and script kids it's important to teach the good habits of the internet usage: as a learning tool. Games, porn and social/entertainment networks will have the same destructive power over the brain. This site can help you with lot's of resources about the science of addiction: Your Brain on Porn.

I'm also glad for the good tool that I can use on all of my devices due to the facilities to configure the OpenDNS Family Shield. However, I don't use only this, but I'm also using other tools like ADBlock and Ghostery. Porn isn't the only internet problem, there's also lot's of malicious software ready to ruin our machines. So, I'm Using the Fedora Project. However, this is just a small OpenDNS article and I'll not go deep this time.



Take care when testing dangerous links! I just posted it in order to show the results for the skeptics ones: