Coronavirus diary – Day 6

Dear diary, I'm a slacker. That's irresponsible.

It's been 6 days since I had my last workday at the museum, the weekend was closed, Monday probably not, but then it was announced that we're shut. For who knows how long. So it's definitely indefinite.

Since last Friday, when Hungary had 19 cases, it went up to 58 as of writing. That's roughly 3-fold growth (slightly more than that). On a wider timescale, it went from 2 to 58 in two weeks. But there have been problems with testing in the beginning.

Some further restrictions have been announced, schools are closed, restaurants can stay open only until 3PM, transit traffic to Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine has been given a humanitarian corridor, with a set timeframe to enter at the border, the postal service is suspending all dispatches to certain countries, social homes are on a full lockdown – no visits, no leaves, no admissions –, and more. Can't even list all. Maybe in an other post.

I spoke with my boss, he was calmer than I expected, and said that he will do everything in order to get me paid for March, even if with a slight delay. That's good, and giving me comfort.

Because I'm burning through my February salary. There were rumors that a curfew could have been announced, but it did not happen. However I went on a panic spree, and achieving that without a car is not the easiest task. I was soaking in sweat, like someone seriously sick, which I'm not.

I have enough food now, and I'm not jumping on the toilet paper train. I have a bathtub, and a flexible shower head. It's almost like a bidet. I've been doing this for at least a year, it's not a big deal. Imagine how to do it. Or not.

Talking about sh*t, the official announcements and pressers in Hungary are, well, not the best. The people in charge at the pressers are still evading the most uncomfortable questions. There's still no regional infection data, or age/gender stats. Every country does that in Europe, but not us, because privacy. But nobody is asking for more details than what should be within the limits of privacy. We just want to know if there is community spread outside of Budapest. Contact tracing is becoming obsolete now. Yet testing is still not universal. The protocol is contradicting itself, but apparently changing even within a day.

So, I can't really bore you with stats, we don't have any useful. There is some crowdfunded data flow on these pages though, but they are not official – and they are in Hungarian:

Anyway, I'm still feeling fine, and I'm wondering which series I should watch: The Rain (rerun and catch-up) 12 Monkeys (rerun and catch-up) Between (rerun) Zoo (rerun) What, you think these are not the best choice in the middle of a pandemic? I need survival tips.

Btw, it seems people are exactly as mean and evil as you could see them in the movies, series. There are scammers, price gouging hoarders, loud rule violators, and snake oil traders. And employers who can't and won't provide safety measures to their employees.

But there is more to 2020. Ted Cruz retweeting AOC, ISIS telling that terrorists should stay away from Europe, toilet paper is currency. What a time to be alive, eh? And not so long ago we were dreaming about flying cars.

Oh, and Eurovision got cancelled. Ok coronavirus, you're going too far, ruining the only event that can be enjoyed globally – ironically, or unironically. Sincerely, fuck you COVID19.

See you in the next one.