Portrait by Tony Black

“Barry Graham” is what Foucault called an Author Function. In this case, it is a pen-name of a novelist, poet, essayist, and Zen Buddhist monk.

While authors need stories, stories don't need authors, or they shouldn't. This bio is itself a story, though a very short one, and it was of course also written by “Barry Graham.” It could have been written many other ways, all of which would have been equally true, but none of which could be as true as the fiction and poetry that bear the pen-name.

Relevant facts:

More than a dozen books including Kill Your Self: Life After Ego, The Book of Man and The Wrong Thing. Most of those have been translated into French.

Spent two decades in the US, so some books are set there.

Published in media including Harper’s, Salon, Narratively, PANK, Northwords Now, Flaunt, Parabola, Scotland on Sunday, The Daily Record, The Herald, Bella Caledonia, Uncertainty Club, Buddhistdoor Teahouse, The Big Click and Nerve.

Scottish, not British.

Profile at Scottish Book Trust