Game Engine Devlog

C++ Create a Window is Console Application. [Windows] [Win32] Open up Visual Studio. Create an empty project. Get the module handle. Use the Handle to Create Window.

What systems are under your game target audience? As a game designer and programmer, it's an important question. It defines lots of things, from different inputs the game needs to support to optimization. I'm talking about accessibility, and I think most gamers and developers underestimate it.

Shanbeh 14 Favardin 2580 At the beginning of the year, something happens. I decide to ditch Godot and start writing my own game engine. I decide to use a low-level language like C and build an easy-to-use architecture. Last week or two weeks of the last year, I start making a game with Godot. That game was just another try to make a complete game to publish. Unfortunately, the codebase gets so complicated that I couldn't continue the project. Actually, that wasn't the first time.